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Zeno wins Consumer Choice Award 2022

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Zeno Renewables is the Consumer Choice Award winner among solar energy systems companies in Southern Alberta for 2022. The company committed to a greener and brighter future has been chosen as the favourite of homeowners in the region for the 3rd year in a row.

Unlike other awards in the industry, the Consumer Choice Award is selected directly by the consumers through a transparent and credible process. The objective of the award is to empower customers to make informed decisions.

At Zeno Renewables, our mission is to empower every home to be a catalyst of change to solve the increasingly complex global climate crisis. As a residential provider of solar solutions, we deliver comprehensive turn-key solutions to homeowners. Beyond the products we offer, we have an ambitious objective to create a more sustainable future for the planet.

Using advanced technology and the latest research, Zeno Renewables only uses products that last for decades. For customers, this translates to peace of mind. Our highly trained team of engineers, designers, and certified electricians work with customers to design and install solar solutions that are both comprehensive and customized to the unique needs of every home.

We are constantly learning about sustainable solutions and helping families adopt them to leave a profoundly lasting impact. The team at Zeno Renewables is excited by our mission to install solar solutions on more than a million homes by 2040. We are constantly partnering with people and organizations who want sustainable energy solutions to power a greener future for their residences, communities, and the world.

The Consumer Choice Award encourages us to stay committed to our goal because we realize that the task for us has never been bigger and the challenges never more complex. But we also know that through collective action, we can change mindsets, build momentum, and work toward the welfare of the entire planet.

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