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Are you interested in discovering how much money solar panels can save you in the long term?

Our solar power calculator can help you estimate how much you can save in your lifetime when you switch to solar. 

Read on to learn all about solar power calculators and how to use one below. 

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Our assumptions include minimum 25 year lifespan, installation location, local electricity rate(s), escalation, inflation, roof pitch, roof shading, O&M costs, and panel degradation.

Why is a solar power savings calculator helpful?

Installing solar panels in your home comes with a range of benefits, such as increasing your property value, reducing your energy costs, and helping create a greener grid. 

While these benefits can be great, it’s common for the upfront investment to be intimidating once you factor in solar panel installation costs and the price of solar panels themselves.

Understanding how much you’re able to save in the long term can help put the financial commitment into perspective and confirm whether your investment will pay off in the future (hint: it will).

Interested in learning more about the price of solar in Canada? You can find out more about the associated costs of solar and incentives available in Edmonton, Calgary, and Alberta.

How accurate is a solar power savings calculator?

It’s important to note that any solar power calculator, including our Zeno Solar Power Calculator, provides an estimate only. 

This figure is dependent on the information you supply, including assumptions about your future energy consumption and the estimated cost of your energy bills.

Each variable may be subject to change, which may impact your estimated figure.

Our solar power calculator is intended to provide a ballpark figure to indicate how much you may be able to save with solar.

Your actual solar power savings will also depend on how you use your solar, too. For example, it’s a common misconception that solar panels mean unlimited free energy 24/7.

While solar panels can drastically decrease your energy bills, you’ll need to moderate your behaviour. 

To make the most out of your solar system, you should consider spending the majority of your electricity during the day and limiting your energy consumption at night.

Are all solar calculators the same?

As solar panels grow in popularity across Canada, so do the resources and tools we have available. This is true for solar calculators, too.

Now, you can find solar panel cost calculators that estimate how much solar panels are likely to cost you. These calculators differ from solar power-saving calculators as they focus on the upfront investment of solar panels rather than their long-term savings. 

How to calculate energy savings with solar panels

At Zeno, we make calculating your savings from solar panels easy. Simply follow the prompts below to the best of your ability and our solar power calculator will generate an estimation in a matter of moments.

If you aren’t sure how to answer some of these questions, or if you’d like to press play on your solar journey, we recommend contacting our friendly team for an obligation-free quote. 
Have another question? Visit our FAQs page or read through our latest blogs to learn more about solar.