Our proven process for going solar

New to solar? We’re glad you’re here. We collaborate with people to share our knowledge and create custom solutions in communities across Canada.


Complimentary consultation

Let’s get started. Call us up or fill out the contact form to book your consultation. We’ll pair you with one of our sustainability specialists to learn about your energy usage, answer your questions, and explore incentives in your area that are here to support your journey to solar.

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Optimized system design

We take what we learned, evaluate the site, and work with you to design a custom system that is optimized for your needs. With your sign off on the proposed plan, we’ll take care of the rest from providing any site verifications to putting together your solution.

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Turnkey installation

Zeno installations always start with the paperwork, including applying any incentives, utility agreements, and permits on your behalf. Our team then secures your selected products and keeps you updated every step of the way. Once everything is ready to go, our trained and certified electricians start the installation.

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Certifications & inspection

Once the installation is complete, we run an internal audit to make sure the system meets our industry-leading standards. We then schedule a city inspection to make sure everything is up to code and certified.

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Commissioning & energizing

The big day. For the official turnover, our team commissions and energizes your system. Once your system is up and running, we introduce you to the system monitoring app and quality control processes and make sure you understand how the system works. Then, we walk you through the system, the app, and all of the documentation and warranty materials.

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Welcome to the Zeno community

Zeno’s community is made up of people like you who are making a difference through solar. We’re proud to provide ongoing maintenance support for the first year. Throughout the year, we share programs that help maximize your new solar system and invite our community to join exclusive VIP events.

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Our assumptions include minimum 25 year lifespan, installation location, local electricity rate(s), escalation, inflation, roof pitch, roof shading, O&M costs, and panel degradation.

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