Electric vehicle charging stations

Electric vehicles are the fastest growing sector in the automotive industry. With major steps being taken towards reducing the overall cost and footprint of EV batteries, the future of transportation has never been cleaner and safer.

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Get An EV Charging Station For Your Home Now

The Electric Vehicle (EV) industry is booming.

Many people are choosing to reduce their carbon footprint by travelling in an environmentally friendly manner.

If you’ve opted for an EV, securing your own EV charging station at home is not only convenient and cost-effective, but it will also contribute to a healthier planet. 

Let’s go through how we at Zeno and our trusted partners can help you install an EV charging station at your home.

The Benefits Of Home EV Charging Stations 

By contacting us to install a solar EV charging station for your home, you’ll benefit from:

easy charging

Convenient charging

Charge your car anytime you like – in the comfort of your own home!


Sustainable transport

You’re creating a sustainable future by driving an electric vehicle. If you own solar panels, you can take this up a notch by sourcing energy for your EV directly from the sun.


Saving money

Did you know that electric charging is 10 times more cost-effective than fuel?

Journey to EV

Ready for these benefits? Good! Here’s how we install an EV charging station in your home as part of our five simple steps:


Complimentary Consultation For an EV Charging Station For Your Home

Once you get in contact with us, we pair you with one of our team members (for Edmonton and surrounding areas) or trusted partners (for Calgary and Lethbridge surrounding areas) to answer your questions and get an understanding of your needs.

You can begin this process by calling or contacting us here.

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Site Assessment For Your Home EV Charging Station

Our team and trusted partners discusses with you to learn where to install your solar-powered EV charging station for your home or business and hears about your needs through a virtual site verification process.

Once we’ve agreed on a location, we’ll get you set up with the right people to work on getting you a custom quote.

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Turnkey Installation For EV Charging At Home

Let our team and trusted partners take care of the paperwork, while you keep dreaming about your convenient electric vehicle charging station that’s only moments away!

We will make sure our team and trusted partners apply for any required documentation on your behalf.

Then, we secure your selected products, keeping you updated every step of the way.

Once everything is ready to go, we send trained & certified electricians begin your installation.

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Certifications And Inspection From EV Charging Station Contractors

Once our team and trusted partners complete the installation on your home or commercial EV charging station, we ensure an inspection is scheduled to make sure everything is up to code and is certified.

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You’re Ready To Charge At Your EV Charging Station!

Our team and trusted partners will walk you through how it all works.

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Welcome to the Zeno community

Zeno’s community is made up of people like you who are making a difference by shifting the way we live through more sustainable practices. We are proud to support you with maintenance support and your next big idea for sustainable energy at home.

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Explore our EV charging solutions

Level 1

Residential EV Chargers

  • 3-8 km/hr of charging

  • 120v 15 amps of electricity required

  • 12-16 hrs to fully charge

Level 2

Residential & commercial EV charging station

  • 20-40 km p/hr of charging

  • 240v 30amps of electricity required

  • 6-8hrs to fully charge

DC Fast Charging Stations

Commercial EV charging station

  • 150- 500 km p/hr of charging

  • 150-90V DC, up to 500 amps of electricity required

  • 80% under 20 minutes to fully charge

Of all EV stations, option three is a fast charging option for when you have limited time to wait between drives!

Don’t forget to get in touch with us to learn which of the EV home charging stations are right for you and your needs.

An EV Charging Station At Your Office.

You can install an EV charging station at your office for yourself and your colleagues who wish to create a sustainable future.

Many companies utilize the multiple EV charging station benefits – to join them, get in touch with us at Zeno today!

Take Steps Towards Your Dream EV Charging Station Now

Don’t wait, call us at 1.888.273.3999 or get in touch with us here, to get a home charging station or to join the many companies utilizing EV charging benefits.

EV myths

While EVs are currently priced more than their Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) counterparts, time and technology have made EVs more affordable to own compared to when they were first introduced. Canada also offers incentives to make EVs more affordable for Canadians through the Zero-Emission Vehicles Program

EVs come out on top despite the hefty upfront cost. EVs require less maintenance and automobile part replacement than ICE vehicles. As a result, EV running costs are much lower than its ICE counterparts. The price of electricity is also significantly lower than the price of gasoline. Therefore, with each kilometer driven, the cost of EVs makes it more affordable than owning ICE vehicles. And with the option of having your own EV charging station right at home – you may never have to visit a gas station ever again.

This is both true and false. If a municipal or provincial electricity grid is predominantly powered by fossil fuels, then your EV will be using “dirty” electricity. However, three points must be considered:

  1. EVs replace the inefficient miniature combustion that occurs in ICE vehicles. Having more efficient vehicles on the roads contributes to reducing the overall global emissions.
  2. While different municipalities and provinces have different electricity generation makeup, it is important to note that renewable energy accounts as the largest energy electricity generator in Canada (Government of Canada, 2018). Therefore, this statement application varies depending on which province one is charging their EV from. Even so, provinces such as Alberta (where fossil fuels produce 90% of its electricity generation) is pushing to make its electrical grid 30% renewable by 2030 (Stephenson, 2019).
  3. Today, many EV owners implement solar energy solutions into their homes or businesses to take energy directly from the sun. Setting up an EV charging station right at home or at the business site while pairing it up with solar technology ensures that the energy used for the EV is as green and renewable as possible.

From production, to charging, to driving, EVs have proven to be significantly better for the environment than ICE vehicles.

When lithium-ion is harvested for EV batteries, its emissions contribute to the overall pollution in the environment. However, most of the battery material can be recycled and the battery can be reused. When an EV battery can no longer deliver enough power for its EV, it can be repurposed for both residential and commercial electrical storage in conjunction with a solar photovoltaic system.

Battery production and technology are accelerating every day. With companies like Tesla and Samsung consistently innovating and taking advantage of economies of scale, batteries are becoming cheaper and much longer lasting. 

ICE vehicles will not have the same battery life as EVs. As long as EV owners maintain and care for their EVs, the battery life and the overall vehicle will require less maintenance in the long-run.

Want to learn more about EV charging stations?

We’re here to help. Reach out to our team with your ideas, EV needs, and questions, and let’s get started designing a solution together.