Our partners lead the charge

We carefully seek out partners and distributors who align with our mission and vision of the future where sustainable energy is the norm. Together with our industry-leading partners, we collaborate to provide superior, longstanding solutions for our clients.

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Our Partners

porsche logo

Porsche Certified Installation Partner

Porsche is a German auto manufacturer specializing in high quality and high-performance sports cars, SUVs, and Sedan. As a Porshce Preferred Partner providing installation and service for Porsche Canada across Alberta, we have first access to the best technology in the EV charging industry. Through the partnership we are able to provide extended warranty, rapid service response times, and exclusive add-ons.

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Tesla Powerwall & Wall Connector Certified Installation Partner

Tesla is on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. It manufactures all-electric vehicles and scalable clean energy generation and storage. As a Tesla Certified installer, we are able to provide both the installation and materials for the Tesla Powerwall, Solar Shingles, and Tesla Wall Connector electric vehicle charging stations.

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SolarEdge Special Partner Agreement

SolarEdge is a world leader in smart energy solutions provider of power optimizer, solar inverter, and monitoring systems for solar photovoltaic (pv) arrays. Zeno is 1 of 3 companies in Canada that are part of SolarEdge’s Preferred Partner Program. We are able to provide more comprehensive warranties, service support, and better pricing.

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charge point logo

ChargePoint Installation and Distribution Partner

ChargePoint (CP) is the world’s leading electric vehicle charging network. It provides premium EV charging products with an integrated portfolio of hardware, cloud services, and unapparelled support for its customers. As a CP Signature Installation and Reseller Partner, we provide all aspects of your commercial and residential EV charging needs in a direct manner.

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enmax logo white

ENMAX EV Charging Station Partner

ENMAX is a vertically integrated utility that generates and distributes energy. This includes electricity, natural gas, renewable energy, and other value-added services to its clients in Alberta, Canada. As a Preferred Installation Partner for electric vehicle charging stations, we are able to provide subsidized commercial units with a focus on advancing electric vehicle adoption in Alberta.

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Hanwha Q Cells Certified Installation Partner

Hanwha is one of the world’s most trusted names in the solar industry. Hanwha Q Cells manufacture top quality solar modules used at the commercial and residential level. As a Direct Purchasing Partner, Zeno provides you the best modules as soon as they come off of the manufacturing line. We can also procure in larger quantities so that your project will be completed on budget and on time.

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