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Edmonton NW – 4.0KW system Solar Residential

This solar panel system was designed, installed, and commissioned in Fall 2020 for a family in Edmonton, Alberta. This family was looking for more ways to utilize renewable energy to reduce their household energy consumption. Zeno was able to design, procure, and install a 4.0kW solar panel system on their home, taking advantage of the City of Edmonton solar rebates while offsetting their energy consumption by 100% with renewable energy!

At Zeno, we enable Western Canadians to live greener lifestyles by providing turn-key Sustainable Energy Solutions.

Discover how you can benefit from our Sustainable Energy Solutions today!

zeno edmonton residental solar
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Meet the client

I would highly recommend Zeno!

“They were very good at customizing their explanations specifically for my house so I understood exactly how it would impact my house (hardly at all) and my bills (a lot). But where they really shine is in after sales support and pro-active follow-up. They are not only very available to answer questions, they are proactive in providing information and helping you with decision making (like where to go for the least cost / best paying energy sources). I would highly recommend Zeno.”

Linda M.

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