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Solar is not enough: Zeno to plant 15 trees for every solar project on its journey to being a carbon neutral company

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Zeno partners with Vancouver, B.C.-based company veritree, an organization that monitors and verifies global reforestation

Calgary, Alberta, March 13, 2023 – Today, Zeno Renewables (Zeno) is proud to publicly announce an ongoing partnership with veritree. veritree is a Canadian company that works closely with local communities and planting organization to scale restoration in a verifiable and concentrated effort to advance global decarbonization.

Through forward-thinking technology, veritree provides transparency throughout a project lifecycle, to ensure restorative impacts are real, meaningful, and uniquely claimed. veritree partners with local stakeholders, including tree planting organizations and community members, to ensure the long-term survival and positive impact of the trees being planted.

Since its inception, Zeno has always been driven to create a better and more sustainable future through its solar solutions and community initiatives that are focused on sustainability. Throughout its business functions, Zeno is committed to reducing emissions from its internal business operations, investing in technologies that have a lower carbon intensity over its processes, and choosing to work with partners with shared environmental goals. Until the right technologies become available, Zeno sees the partnership with veritree as an opportunity to become a truly sustainable business and help reduce the company’s internal carbon emissions through the efforts of reforestation.  

“We know we emit carbon as a company,” said Gursh Bal, co-CEO of Zeno. “While we are not carbon neutral yet, this partnership integrates sustainability at the core of our business. There has never been a more important time to give back to nature. Our clients can trust that we are doing good by them.”

Through the veritree partnership, Zeno has committed to support the planting of 15 verified trees for every home they install solar panels on. The company is looking to scale responsibly with the goal of becoming a truly sustainable company.  

“Planting 15 trees was a calculation that was done internally; one that will bring us closer to our sustainability goals,” added Bal. “We hope to become 100% carbon neutral in everything we do, from installs to transportation to powering all of our devices.”

“veritree can verify that the trees are being planted while guaranteeing the positive impact on both the environment and the people the process employs,” said Kai Fahrion, co-CEO of Zeno. “With veritree we can see exactly where and how it is being done, and how many people are benefitting. veritree gives us the opportunity to put our money where our mouth is.”

Zeno Renewables offers custom solar solutions for residential homeowners in Alberta and offers free solar assessments for all its customers. To learn more about Zeno, visit www.livezeno.com.

To follow Zeno Renewables’ verified tree planting efforts with veritree , visit livezeno.veritree.com.

About Zeno Renewables

Zeno Renewables is a residential solar solutions provider that delivers comprehensive-turnkey solutions to homeowners across Canada. Driven by an ambitious goal to create a better, more sustainable future for everyone around the world, Zeno guides its customers to create long-lasting sustainable choices in their homes that leave a positive mark at a local and global level. For more information, visit www.LiveZeno.com.

About veritree

veritree is a data driven, restorative platform that connects nature-based solutions with mission-driven companies ready to lead the restorative economy. With on-the-ground monitoring and blockchain verification, veritree improves transparency and trust through data and tools that revitalize ecosystems, strengthen communities, and build climate solutions.

The success behind tentree’s planting program, veritree scales consumer-centric programs between planting organizations and corporations around the world. veritree’s mission is to restore the planet—planting and verifying one billion trees within the decade. For more information, visit veritree.com.