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Strides for Sustainability

Strides for Sustainability 2

Zeno Renewables Strides for Sustainability 2022

We’re super EXCITED to announce that we will be supporting SAIT and NAIT students year through our marathon fundraiser, Strides for Sustainability!

Strides for Sustainability is inspired by Gursh Bal and Kai Fahrion, two individuals who constantly challenge themselves to be better while improving the lives around them. This commitment is exemplified in their decision to quit their day jobs to start Zeno Renewables after winning SAIT’s Train the Trades Business Plan competition in 2016.

During that time, Gursh was involved in a motorcycle accident. To help rehabilitate the injury, the pair agreed to run a marathon. Training for the marathon not only helped Gursh regain his physical strength, but it also mentally helped him position his body to repair itself faster. Since then, Gursh and Kai have committed to run 50 marathons while simultaneously using this goal as a medium to support community causes.

Strides for Sustainability is an initiative that builds off Gursh and Kai’s commitment to becoming better individuals. This year, Strides for Sustainability will be raising money to support SAIT and NAIT students in financial need with a demonstrated interest in sustainability. Through this fundraiser, Gursh and Kai hope the money raised will support students in achieving their goals and making the community a better place.

Donate to SAIT here: https://sait.imodules.com/strides

Donate to NAIT here: https://www.nait.ca/giving/how-to-give/donate/donate-online?&Direct=Zeno+Renewables+-+Strides+for+Sustainability+Fundraiser+

Your donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting SAIT and NAIT Students through the Strides for Sustainability Fundraiser!

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