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Strides for Sustainability Student Report

Strides for Sustainability 3

Zeno Renewables is thrilled to share the 2022 Strides for Sustainability Stewardship Report from SAIT.

Last year, Zeno Renewables raised over $5,455 for the Strides for Sustainability Marathon Fundraiser to support students in financial need. The money raised directly impacted five SAIT students committed to pursuing higher education while integrating sustainability into their everyday lives.

The creation of the Strides for Sustainability Award was created to support students through financial means. However, its impact goes beyond monetary measure. When students receive the award, they feel a profound sense of encouragement and validation in their decision to further their education. It inspires and motivates them to do well in school and, one day, give back to the community.

Zeno is thrilled to share messages of thanks from the first cohort of student recipients for the Strides for Sustainability Award. To view and access the full report, click here.

“Thank you, ZENO for choosing me as one of the recipients of the Strides for Sustainability award this year. It was definitely an unexpected but pleasant surprise. As an international student and a newcomer to Calgary, I face a lot of challenges balancing family and school life, along with the financial aspect of it. And I appreciate ZENO’s initiative to support SAIT students like me to achieve our goals and be successful in our endeavors. More power to you, guys. And I wish you success and more support for the cause so you can help out more students like me.”


“Winning this award is one of the best moments of this year for me! It has helped me in many ways. I believe this award came in the perfect timing, right when I needed it. I want to thank the donor for believing I deserve this award and making me happy. I won the award in a time where I needed a small amount of money to be able to do things and the value of this award was even more than I needed. It felt like a miracle. Thank you.”


“Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am in Canada as an immigrant and as a minority of Canada. I have to spend more than three times tuition fees than domestic students as an international student. I was concerned about whether to go back to my home country again while I’m worrying about my financial problems. But, fortunately through this scholarship, I can advance and continue my course, and I can stay in Canada. I plan to become a permanent resident in a key role that can develop into ever-more… to attain my goal I have a chance.”


We thank everyone who donated money to our Strides for Sustainability Marathon Fundraiser last year! Thanks to you, we were able to make a difference in students’ lives and contribute to the overall wellness of the Alberta community.

This year, Zeno is raising $10,000 for the Strides for Sustainability Marathon Fundraiser. We are raising $5,000 for SAIT and $5,000 for NAIT. Please help us reach our goal for this year’s fundraiser by donating through the following links below:

To donate directly to SAIT, click here.

To donate directly to NAIT, click here.