Alberta Solar Panel Savings Calculator

Solar panels in Alberta are more affordable than ever

Solar panels are more affordable than ever. Over the recent years, improving technology and increasing demand have helped makes going solar more accessible to the average Alberta homeowner. Today, Albertans can expect on average to spend about $8,000 to $18,000 on solar panels excluding any incentives and rebates. While there is a hefty upfront cost, the return on investment you get for owning electricity outweighs the cost. With today’s technology, the solar panel return on investment on solar can fall anywhere between 5 to 8 years! Considering the fact the solar panels are warrantied for 25 years, this is an amazing return for homeowners looking to offset their home energy usage with solar.

Solar panel savings calculator: Find out how much you can save with solar panels in Alberta

Did you know that you can save thousands of dollars over the lifespan of a solar panel system? When you offset your home’s energy usage with renewable energy from the sun, you are using free energy directly from the energy source. Homeowners in Alberta who go solar also become microgenerators in the process. As a solar panel homeowner, you have the ability to sell excess energy back to the grid and earn extra money for extra energy generated that you are not using.

Solar panel savings in Alberta shouldn’t be a secret. Thankfully, there are many solar calculators today that can give you a good estimate of what kind of financial savings one can expect for their Alberta home. Calculate your Alberta solar panel savings today with Zeno’s solar panel calculator.

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Our assumptions include minimum 25 year lifespan, installation location, local electricity rate(s), escalation, inflation, roof pitch, roof shading, O&M costs, and panel degradation.

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Alberta solar panel savings calculators shouldn’t replace the true savings and true costs of going solar. It is always best to contact a reputable Alberta solar company if you are thinking of getting solar panels installed on your home. At Zeno, we make the process of going solar easy from start to finish. Contact Zeno today and get a free quote and design for your solar panel system in Alberta.

At Zeno, all we need are the following:

Your most recent energy bill: This will help us determine the size of your system to help you offset your energy usage by 100%.

A photo of your electric panel: This is to determine if your new solar panel system can be integrated with your home’s current electrical infrastructure. In some cases, an upgrade is required.

Your address: With your address, we use Google imaging in combination with our solar software to remotely design a custom system. We take into account factors mentioned above (i.e.: roof space, potential sunlight and shading structures)