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Solar Panels in Edmonton: Costs, Savings and Planning

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Solar Panels in Edmonton: Costs, Savings and Planning

Residential solar panels in Edmonton have gained traction over the years, and are now proving to be a household staple for many. 

Two major elements that have impacted a rise in demand is the fact that the average cost of solar panels in Alberta has decreased, and financial support in the form of government rebates and affordable payment plans means more people can access this renewable energy.

So, how much do solar panels in Edmonton actually cost? Let’s unpack how affordable solar panels in Edmonton are, what factors contribute to their cost, and what savings opportunities may be available to you. 

Solar panels in Edmonton: How much do solar panels cost?

How much do solar panels cost in Edmonton? There are many factors that impact their cost. 

Today, the average cost of solar panels in Alberta is anywhere between $11,000 to $18,000 after rebates are applied. This price range is a standard quote for turnkey solar panel installations for homes. 

Edmonton solar panel installations will always include the administrative fees (Microgen application, permit application), materials, and labour costs for installation.

Pro Tip: Find out how much your home can save with Edmonton solar panels with the Zeno Solar Savings Calculator!

Solar panels in Edmonton: Factors that impact the cost of solar panels

The cost of solar panels in Edmonton will be impacted in a myriad of ways as every home is as unique as the people who live in them, and as a result, not every household consumes electricity the same.
When getting quotes from Edmonton solar panel companies, the main factors that will be taken into consideration are your electricity usage, roof layout, electrical panel capacity, and the type of solar equipment that will be used. Let’s explore these elements further below.

How much electricity you use 

A big variance in price is the system size for your solar panel installation. Your Edmonton solar panel company will typically ask you for your most recent electricity bill. 

This will determine how big your Edmonton solar panel system capacity should be. 

At Zeno, our goal is to offset our customer’s Edmonton solar panel system at 100%. 

We do this so that customers won’t have to rely on the electricity grid as much for their daily electricity usage, which in turn allows them to save more money in the long run.

The layout of your roof and its orientation

Edmonton solar panels are most often installed on top of residential roofs. Therefore, your roof layout can affect the efficiency and size of your solar panel system. 

South facing roofs are best, allowing your solar panels to take better advantage of sun exposure. This is followed by a mix of east and west facing roof layouts.

Dead north facing roofs are not ideal for solar panels in Edmonton. If this is the case for you, your Edmonton solar panel company will advise you not to go solar. 

As you can see, your roof layout will play a big factor in determining whether solar is right for your home, and if so, how many solar panels is ideal to give you the solar energy offset you require.

solar panels on roof

Your roof type

The type of roof you have will also influence the cost for your solar panels in Edmonton. 

Standard roofs, like asphalt shingles, are common roof types in Edmonton, and they’re incredibly compatible with solar panels installations, meaning standard rates will most likely apply. 

For roofs made from a unique material like metal seams or clay tile roofs, it’s likely the cost to install your solar panels will be greater to factor in additional precautions and considerations necessary to complete your installation safely and successfully.

Pro Tips: 

  1. It’s best to ensure your roof shingles are durable before installing solar panels in Edmonton. If they’re at the end of their lifecycle when you’re considering installing solar panels, then we’d recommend replacing them before any installation takes place.
  2. If you are in need of replacing your roof shingles, you could opt to get an integrated Edmonton solar panel installation which could help reduce the cost of your roof renovation.

The shading your home receives

Another factor that affects how much your solar panels in Edmonton cost is the shading your house receives. 

The less shading your roof receives, the more you can capitalize on solar energy production. 

And the shadier your local environment is, the less ability your solar panels may have to produce a generous amount of solar energy.

Your home’s electrical capacity

Solar panels in Edmonton will also be impacted by your home’s electrical panel capacity. 

If your electrical panel is not full, then there is space for solar. 

However, if your electrical panels are full, then additional space will be required to accommodate your solar panels. 

If this is the case for your home, your Edmonton solar panel company will let you know that you’ll need to upgrade your electrical panel service.

The solar panels and equipment you choose

Solar panel equipment can affect the cost of your Edmonton solar panels. 

Your Edmonton solar panel company will always recommend the most economical solar panel equipment that complies with industry standards.

Solar panel financing: other ways to afford solar

Interested in adding some solar panels to your Edmonton home but need a bit more financial assistance to make it happen? 

There are plenty more options available outside of the government rebates that help make Edmonton solar panels affordable.

  1. Canada Greener Homes Loan is a 10-year interest-free financing loan option available to all Canadians who want to make their homes more energy efficient and take out a loan for their solar panel system.
  2.  RBC offers Canada-wide solar panel financing programs.
  3. PACEALberta currently offers the Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP)—a pilot renewable energy financing program that pays you back based on an assessment of your property tax bill.

Zeno is a proud partner of ATB financial. ATB offers our customers quick, easy and secure financing. For more information, contact us today.

What’s involved in a free Edmonton solar panel assessment?

at zeno we make the process of going solar in edmonton as easy as possible
At Zeno, we make the process of going solar easy for our customers.

At Zeno, we make the process of going solar in Edmonton as easy as possible.

When you reach out to us for a quote, we’ll typically need the following information.

Your most recent energy bill

This will help us determine the size of your system to help you offset your energy usage by 100%.

A photo of your electric panel

This is to determine if your new solar panel system can be integrated with your home’s current electrical infrastructure. In some cases, an upgrade is required.

Your address

With your address, we’ll use Google imaging in combination with our solar software to remotely design a custom system for your solar panels in Edmonton. 

And we’ll take into account all the relevant factors we mentioned above, like your roof space, the potential sunlight your roof receives and any surrounding shading structures.

Ready to get solar panels in Edmonton?

As Edmonton’s top rated solar panel company, we’ll make installing solar panels in your home easy, so you can enjoy the benefits that will follow. 

Reach out to us today for a free quote.