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Why use a Solar Panel Rodent Guard For Your Solar System?

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Today, more Canadians are going solar as a way to contribute to a cleaner grid while combatting rising electricity costs. While solar panel rodent guard add-ons are fast becoming a standard part of the solar system installation for your home, rodent guard add-ons are usually an optional feature you may choose to include or exclude as part of your system.

If rodent guards are optional for you, you may be asking yourself the question: Should I get rodent guards for my solar panel system? Here are some common reasons Canadians get rodent guards for their solar panels.

A Solar Panel Rodent Guard Prevents System Damages

Solar panels are a big investment for many homeowners in Canada. You want to make sure your solar panel system will last you well beyond its 25-year warrantied period. In some cases, common animals in the neighbourhood such as mice, squirrels, and pigeons find their way to the roof of your home and under the solar panel systems.

While it is rare, mice and squirrels have the potential to chew on wires which can damage your solar panel system. We have seen pigeons commonly make solar panels in their home and use it as a nesting ground for their family. While pigeons may not chew on wires, their activities under the panel can potentially move wires around and cause issues in your system’s ability to produce solar energy in the long run.

It Stops Unwanted Animal Noises

Solar panel systems have the potential to attract animals to your roof throughout the day. In Alberta, pigeons are one of the most common animals our clients are concerned about. If your solar panels are above your bedroom, you may hear pigeon activity if they choose to nest there.

For some people sensitive to noises, this can cause unwanted inconveniences to their day-to-day living. Installing rodent guards is a sure way to stop pigeons and other rodents from staying by your solar panel system.

A Solar Panel Rodent Guard Prevents Animal Mess

When animals such as pigeons decide to make the solar panels your home, there will most likely be a mess and waste around it. Pigeons may build nests under your solar panels using various twigs and plants.

Once animals like pigeons take refuge under the solar panels, they often leave feces and waste behind. Sometimes, a homeowner will decide to get rodent guards after the fact. Installing rodent guards after a solar panel install is an option.

Depending on the installation’s age, additional work for our installers may incur a cleaning fee for the rodent guard add-on. To avoid risks, it’s environmentally and cost-efficient to install rodent guards with your solar panel system.

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It Protects The Animals

At Zeno, we highly recommend adding a solar panel rodent guard. It saves our clients money, it prevents potential damages, and most of all, it also protects animals. Animals that make your solar panel system their home will make it a breeding ground to raise their offspring.

This is bad, especially when homeowners decide to get rodent guards after the fact for the reasons mentioned above. Our installers try to relocate nests as safely as possible when installing rodent guards after the fact. Consider installing rodent guards preemptively to prevent potential issues.

Bringing It All Together

At Zeno, we strongly recommend having rodent guards installed as part of your solar panel system. Rodent guards are a great way to ensure your solar panel system lasts a long time, does not cause any issues, prevents unwanted animal mess and noise, and also protects the animals in your neighbourhood.

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