Foothills Farm – 12.80kW Solar Residential

This solar panel system was designed, installed, and commissioned in Spring 2020 for a family in Calgary, Alberta. Passionate creating a better environment for future generations, this family was looking for more ways to integrate sustainable technology into their existing lifestyle. Zeno was able to design, procure, and install a 12.80kW solar panel on their property, offsetting their energy consumption by 100% with renewable energy!

At Zeno, we enable Western Canadians to live greener lifestyles by providing turn-key Sustainable Energy Solutions.

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Meet the client

We plan to use Zeno for our next build in 2022!

โ€œWe installed a system on our barn in May 2020 and were very happy with the work done by Zeno, from the design through installation and finally connection to grid as a micro-gen project. Weโ€™ve since produced 25 MW and saved 40,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions. We plan to use Zeno for our next build in 2022.โ€

Neil M.