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Bigger, better, bolder: Virtuoso Energy unveils plans for major rebrand in the new year

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Canada-based Virtuoso Energy has unveiled that it will be adopting a new brand identity in the upcoming new year. This includes a new look and feel to the brand, a change of logo, and most ambitiously, a new company name.

Since it began in 2015, the company has grown to over 50 employees and has completed over 700 solar projects. Following major growth and success in the solar energy space, the brand refresh represents an opportunity for the company to dial in its current positioning and offer better customer experiences to residential homeowners.

“Residential homeowners will be the first step in achieving the bigger goal in reducing humankind’s impact on the environment. The rebrand builds on everything that Virtuoso Energy was while allowing us to evolve and achieve our bigger vision which is to install solar solutions on 1 million homes by 2040,” revealed Kai Fahrion, co-CEO at Virtuoso Energy.  

With a focused brand positioning, Virtuoso Energy gains a number of advantages. These advantages include setting the company apart from its competition, stronger brand messaging, and the ability to innovate within its niche.

“Because we will be more focused with the new brand, our ability to innovate as a company will increase. People think that innovation is drawn from a broader spectrum by having accessibility to more options. True innovation that makes a difference comes from operating in a more restrictive framework because that’s where new ideas arise from – out of necessity,” commented Gursh Bal, co-CEO at Virtuoso Energy. “The most exciting part of the future of the brand is the fact that we are going to be more innovative and we will be able to provide solutions where people haven’t before.”

While much of the company’s brand will change, the essence of why Virtuoso Energy started remains the same. New name or not, the company will continue to carry out its mission to empower those who want to do their part in reducing humanity’s environmental impact.

“The name will change but the heart and the soul of the brand remains the same,” Bal added. “While we can’t share the name yet, the ethos of the company’s new name is focused on separating yourself from the normal selfish desires and focusing on the greater good of humanity.”

About Virtuoso Energy

For over six years, Virtuoso Energy has been in the business installing solar solutions for residential homeowners, businesses, and communities. It has won the Southern Alberta Consumer Choice Awards in the category of Solar Energy Systems for two years in a row, with its co-CEO, Kai Fahrion recently recognized as one of Canada Clean50’s Emerging Leader for 2022.

Contact info:

Name: Frances Teves, Marketing Manager

Organization: Virtuoso Energy

Company URL: www.virtuosoenergy.com

Address: 5760 11 St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2G1