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Zeno employees running to raise $20,000 for KidSport

Strides for Sustainability

This year, Zeno Renewables (Zeno) is partnering with KidSport to help make playing organized sports a reality for more children. This year, Zeno will be raising $20,000 and will match every dollar (up to $10,000), and we want you to be involved!

Our goal

Many kids would like to play sports but not all parents can afford it. KidSport is a charity that makes it so less fortunate kids can play sports by providing registration fee subsidies to eligible families.

To make this goal a reality, Zeno employees will be running on May 26th in Calgary and August 18th in Edmonton, with distances ranging from 5 Km to full marathons under the Zeno Strides for Sustainability Marathon Fundraiser banner. Our goal is to raise $20,000, each and every dollar of this will be going to KidSport. Each dollar that you provide, Zeno will provide a dollar match of our own providing up to $10,000.

Cost should never be the reason a hopeful kid sits on the sidelines. That’s why KidSport works hard to provide funding and support to youth from families who otherwise couldn’t afford to put their kids into sports. They break down those financial barriers so that every child who wants to play can get in the game.

“We believe that every child should have the opportunity to play sports, regardless of their financial circumstances. It teaches kids lifelong skills and confidence that is hard to learn in a classroom,” says Kelly Oehlerking, Executive Director at KidSport Alberta. “Through this partnership with Zeno, we will be able to make sports more accessible to kids in our community.”

Why We Run

The Zeno Strides for Sustainability Marathon Fundraiser, in its inaugural year (2018), was an idea generated by Gursh Bal and Kai Fahrion, co-CEOs at Zeno, to give back in a manner that promoted health and wellness, while challenging ourselves to become better individuals. Since the concept was derived, the collective group of passionate Zeno runners have run almost thousands of kilometers while raising money for meaningful causes. 

“Embracing the challenge to better oneself while simultaneously giving back to communities through endeavors like marathon fundraisers is not just a personal journey; it’s a profound commitment to collective growth and empowerment that benefits everyone,” says Bal. 

In the past, the Zeno Strides for Sustainability Marathon Fundraiser has raised over $61,000 with over $34,000 donated directly for SAIT and NAIT student scholarships. With a permanent scholarship donated for SAIT and NAIT in the works, Zeno is on a mission to do more and give back to deserving local organizations. This year, KidSport is extremely honoured to be the benefactor of this year’s fundraiser.

“Sports plays an important role in how I lead my life both personally and when running a business,” says Fahrion. “If we give a child the same chance today to thrive, to learn, and to develop their talent through sports, they in turn will create a brighter tomorrow for all of us.”

Be Part of the Movement

We warmly invite you to join Zeno in this movement to ensure no child sits on the sidelines, missing out on the thrill of sport. You can donate through this link, knowing your gift doubles in impact: Donate Here

Zeno is also sponsoring a limited number runners for their race registrations in Calgary and Edmonton to help fundraise for the cause. Spots are limited. If you’re interested in fundraising for KidSport while completing a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or full marathon, please express your interest here.

At Zeno, we believe supporting organizations like KidSport today is how we build brighter, healthier, more caring communities moving forward. When we invest in empowering kids through sports today, we all win tomorrow. That child may discover their passion, nurture their strengths and become a leader who improves society.

KidSport needs you. Our future needs you. Let’s work together fueling kids’ dreams through sport.