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I am not seeing microgeneration credits on my bill.

If this has only occurred for one month, it may likely be the case that your energy retailer has missed a meter reading and you will be credited on your next billing cycle. It is recommended that you call them to check regardless. If you have not seen any credits since the installation of your system, please reach out to your energy retailer to confirm you are registered as a microgenerator. This is automatically triggered during the installation process, but a confirmation call won’t hurt. Your microgeneration approval letter will also have been sent to you in your turnover package. It may also be the case that in that specific month, you consumed all the power produced by your solar system in the home, and none was exported.

After your electrical inspection passes, we submit a request to the utility to commission your site as a microgenerator of solar, and in some cases this may require the meter to be swapped to a bi-directional one. From this step, it can take 1-2 weeks for the site to be registered and/or the meter to be swapped. As a result, you may not see microgeneration credits until the next billing cycle after your inspection has passed. Keep in mind that the solar produced first powers all the loads in your home before it is exported. If your home used up all the solar production in a given month, you may not receive credits for exported power, but your bill will still be reduced as you consumed less power from the grid.