The best way to monitor your home energy usage

Start monitoring your home’s energy usage today and learn how you can save on electricity cost!

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Alexa ask Sense did I leave the oven on 2 min

Why get a home monitoring unit?

Knowledge is important – it can help you save money and make smart decisions. With the Sense Home Energy Monitoring Unit, access to information on your home’s energy consuming habits have never been easier!

save money

Save energy

Understand how much energy you are using and be empowered to find energy savings at home.


Know what’s on

Get unprecedented view into your home. Know what’s turned on at all times.

reduce footprint

Environmental stewardship

See which types of fuel your region is using to generate power throughout the day and use electricity when the grid is at its cleanest.


Avoid costly disasters

Knowing when certain devices turn on and off can help save your home from costly damages.

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