Canada Greener Homes Grant: Canadians Get Up to $5,000 Off Solar

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Canada Greener Homes Grant is now available for Canadian homeowners

The Canada Greener Homes Grant is an initiative by the Government of Canada that incentivizes Canadians to make their homes more green and energy efficient. The Canada Greener Homes Grant is offering Canadian homeowners up to $5,000 off on approved energy efficient home retrofits – including solar panels for your home!

Canada Greener Home Grant: How it works
  1. Get Your Canada Greener Home Grant Pre-evaluations: Homeowners will get reimbursed for the cost of the pre- and post-retrofit evaluations for up to $600 dollars. To get the grant, both evaluations are required for the reimbursement. To be reimbursed for the pre-retrofit evaluation, you must continue through the entire Greener Homes Grant process while also moving forward with at least one retrofit recommended by your energy advisor.
  2. Completed Home Retrofits: Get up to total reimbursement of up to $5,000 for energy retrofits. Take advantage of the grant by doing more than one project recommended by your energy advisor. Note that the total maximum Canada Greener Home Grant reimbursement will not exceed $5,000. 
Canada Greener Homes Grant makes solar panels more affordable

Start saving money today by powering your home with the sun! Home residential solar panel systems get $1,000 per kWh and up to $5,000 dollars for installing solar panels for your residential home. 

Canada Greener Home Grant eligibility criteria:
  • All equipment must be purchased in Canada
  • Online purchases are acceptable if ordered from a Canadian online distributor 
  • Solar panels and inverters must be certified under CSA Standards
  • Rated solar panel must have a peak power capacity higher or equal to 1.0kW 
Canada Greener Homes Grant for solar battery back-up

The Canada Greener Home Grant is giving up to $1,000 in incentives for batteries connected to solar panel systems for your home. Batteries must be combined with an energy efficiency retrofit from the Canadian Greener Homes Grants initiative (ie: solar panel installations) in order to qualify.

Solar panel assessment: Find out how much you qualify in grants

Now that you’ve gotten a general understanding of the cost of solar panels in Calgary and your potential savings, reach out to Zeno for a solar panel assessment! At Zeno, we make the process for going solar! When you reach out to Zeno for a quote, we typically need the following:

  1. Your most recent energy bill: This will help us determine the size of your system to help you offset your energy usage by 100%.
  2. A photo of your electric panel: This is to determine if your new solar panel system can be integrated with your home’s current electrical infrastructure. In some cases, an upgrade is required.
  3. Your address: With your address, we use Google imaging in combination with our solar software to remotely design a custom system. We take into account factors mentioned above (i.e.: roof space, potential sunlight and shading structures)
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