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Calgary Pergola – 9.86kW Solar Residential

This solar panel system was designed, installed, and commissioned in Summer 2019 for a family in Calgary, Alberta. This family was doing some home renovations that year and found that integrated solar panels would be a cost-effective opportunity for the patio roof they were building. Zeno was able to design, procure, and install a 10.08W integrated solar panel system on their patio roof, offsetting their yearly electricity usage by 89% while providing them with outdoor shade from the sun!

At Zeno, we enable Western Canadians to live greener lifestyles by providing turn-key Sustainable Energy Solutions. 

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Meet the client

Zeno is much more than our preferred solutions provider. They are now a part of our family.

It is my great pleasure and privilege to write this review for Gursh, Kai and the entire team at Zeno. In early 2018, my wife and I made the decision to begin living a more sustainable lifestyle. Our goals included reducing our family’s carbon footprint, setting a better example for our daughter and inspiring others to begin their own journey in terms of living in a more environmentally conscious way. We made the decision to build an ecofriendly shipping container home in the sustainable community of EchoHaven in Calgary. The first single-family home of its kind in the city. As a part of this exciting project, we partnered with Zeno who assisted us with a 10.59 kW system that includes rooftop mounted PV modules, a custom solar pergola, roughed-in EV charger conduits and future considerations for battery storage. We are thrilled that our system is now producing renewable energy and we will be assessing and optimizing its performance over the next 12 months. As we continue to walk the path to achieving the goals that we set out to accomplish, I know Zeno will be with us every step of the way. If you are building new, bring them in at the beginning of the residential or commercial design phase. If you’re retrofitting an existing build, make them your first call for a consultation. They will help you set smart goals for your family or business, then meet and exceed them. The team at Zeno has, and continues to deliver to us an incredible client experience. We look forward to continuing our journey with them as our partner for years to come. To the Turners, Zeno is much more than our preferred solutions provider. They are now a part of our family. Call them today and let them know I sent you. You’re in good hands.

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